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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
For the conspiracy nuts out there, what does RP or AB(2) have to gain from getting a sub par shot accepted?

I haven't the slightest idea, other than it was the best that the photog could do given the weather/location? The shot is poor by most standards. It looks like it was taken from a distance then cropped alot to draw the train in. Look at the blurred leaves and objects on the ground, look at the blurred horse on the nose... I can't find anything that isn't soft in this shot.

I highly doubt there is a conspiracy going on, nor do I think Elite members have an auto accept, and there are poor shots in the DB from within the past 12 months that were not taken by a screener. But accepting this shot gives fuel to the Rat's arguement... and he's right in calling it out. AB(2) has a great eye for photography and composition... he's capapble of better that this shot in his sleep.
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