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Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
Something's off... FP7 weren't made in 1947 that I know of, and that Serial Number doesn't look like a EMD serial number (but maybe is a serial number for a part, not the locomotive?).

10/47 would be an F3 or an E7, I would think.

Serial # 1904 was a Rio Grande FT-B built 6/43.

Here's my info source if you want to search more.!E9!...SGMLOCOMOTIVE/

May be F7 not sure, I work for a railroad and removed it off the engine maybe 10 to 12 yeas ago (It was coming loose ) I know zip about engines but the information is correct
as it states Serial No G-1904 and MO YR above and 10-47 below. It is from EMD and has a large GM on the right with DIESEL POWER Below. engine was going to EMD Lond for work.
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