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Originally Posted by Ween View Post
Amen! It's almost to the point of just go out and see what works on your camera.

Asking the nuances about settings (which depend on the light and conditions when you're actually out there) is kinda like asking about what waist size you should get for a new pair of blue jeans. Just go try the damn jeans on and see what fits...the same thing for your camera settings!

Remember, digital shots are free. Take test shots at various settings, compare the histograms, and see what is working...
What's a histogram? Enquiring minds wanna know!

As usual, folks are talking technobabble to a newbie who is learning the ropes. Give the guy a chance .............. and stop being so "aloof". People learn better and faster when things are explained in a style they understand, not what you know after 500 years of experience.

Think about it.

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