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Originally Posted by #3300
Today I sent in a picture of what looked like an SD70AC, but really an SD70M. When the upload got finished, I then clicked the enlarger button and it said "their is no ID for this picture." I then go to my rejected photos page and already in less than a minute it is their.
Wow, that surely was a quick screening turnaround. Must've been #1 in the queue.

This is rediculus. I think the system here is automated. I think that their computer anly accepts pictures from friends.
Where do you come up with a crazy idea like that?

What's weird is that I allways see skies like this, and this SD70M is a different type of SD70M.
I see skies like that too when it's cloudy. That's why I ususally don't get the camera out. A different type of SD70M? Not really. That's the "Phase 3" with the new nose styling. They've been around for a while. Besides, for what amounts to a roster shot, the lighting has to be perfect. In this case, it's not even close.
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