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I have a somewhat different impression WRT the crop than Joe on this one. My take is that a tad more on the bottom would be better as would a tad less at the top. The sky is really mid-day bright, and I think that makes the shot less appealing. Slice off just a bit. Show more of the bridge structure below as well as a bit more of the river. Moving the train up in the frame would also bring the locomotive nose closer to the upper left thirds point.

WRT the lighting, only the trucks are slightly dark, but there is enough detail there so that some selective adjustments could improve the look of those. The rest of the image is lit OK and the colors are not washed out. The biggest thing that I would do from an exposure standpoint is use some highlights or curves to kill the glare. The lighting in this image is a bit harsh-looking and I think you'll have a difficult time getting it accepted until you address it.

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