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Yes, it looks overexposed to me. Anytime a clear sky goes from being distinctly blue to that super-light blue (or worse), that's a good clue that you're shooting too bright. In this case, it looks to be off by 1/3rd to perhaps 1/2 stop and from a raw file, that should be easily correctable.

I don't think I can help with cropping as you more or less cropped it the way I would. The locomotive appears to be in the lower-left ROT position. I can say that years ago, I did have a similarly composed image rejected several times, and I finally just gave up on it. It looked ROT to me, I couldn't read the screener's mind and the screeners don't usually communicate with contributors, so there was not much point in continuing. If you like this crop, put it on Flickr. Continuing to play guessing games and going round and round with the screeners is just not a productive use of your time or theirs.

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