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I am not enough of a techie to know but I am not sure what you see in terms of time sequence is exactly what is occurring on the other end or that it was not batched. There is just a lot of "stuff" going on in transmissions and variables on both ends. When I have observed the que winding down, it seemed to do so in an orderly fashion.

My take???
I am OK with the first one as is but do note what I am guessing is white appears more as a grey, around 190. The problem is the station lights and train lights are already blowing out. When I ran it through the RAW converter on Auto exposure it upped the overall exposure and dragged down the highlights giving a flat image. I adjusted from there and ended up with something with more pop. That may not be what you or I prefer or even "better" but the site seems to prefer brighter and it is a well lit station platform.


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