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Originally Posted by Daniel MINACA View Post
Finally a dialog with an admin ! Chris, don't take my question like that !
You exactly know what I mean, I don't think that 3 or 4 seconds are enough to have an objective opinion on 8 queued pictures and sometimes it reminds like an automatic treatment of queued pictures.
I don't talk especially because I have 2 rejected pictures in this treatment but in general...
Anyway I'm already banned of appeal function and there is never a possible dialog with admins even in pictures submission comments.
Without controversy, what is clear is that there is some differences of treatment who we are...
...Not especially with French contributors !
It's annoying to see that a picture is rejected with a reason while others more popular members have the same type of photo systematically accepted and especially with backlit or night/dark pictures.
It does not promote creativity and diversity...
I know there will be no dialog to this post... but at least it says.

Nothing I say is going to change your opinion that there's some sort of intentionally applied favoritism going on. I've been down this road a hundred times with the same 3 or 4 contributors and I really don't know what's left to be said.

As far as screening speed goes, there is no way those 8 photos were screened as fast as you claim they were unless all 6 of us were screening at the same time (which is possible I suppose). I'll admit that, having screened 462,293 images since we started recording those stats in 2005, I can knock 'em out pretty fast - but the server isn't even fast enough to maintain the pace you're claiming if only one person was screening.
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