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Chris, thanks for your reply;

Originally Posted by Chris Kilroy View Post
Nothing I say is going to change your opinion that there's some sort of intentionally applied favoritism going on. I've been down this road a hundred times with the same 3 or 4 contributors and I really don't know what's left to be said.
I know that you have this subject remaining several times. But very precisely, following exchanges with these contributors I'm sure that some photos that would have been rejected in "normal times" are now seen "two times" and more accepted (especially backlit).
Just an example; which image (voluntarily resized and anonymized) have been rejected for backlit?
There is no differences between both pictures regarding the sunlight phase ?
But one of them was still rejected for backlit...
Click image for larger version

Name:	RejectedExample.jpg
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ID:	9673
I'm not saying that these are "preferential rights" (I Don't know the right term in English ) but there is simply more attention in the screening queue for them now.

Same remarks with "cloudy" reason... I'm not considering that a cloudy picture is a systematic poor picture, photographers don't choice weather when shooting mostly when a special train is scheduled long time before!

I really think that RP rules must evolve regarding backlit and cloudy shots but it's another subject!

Originally Posted by Chris Kilroy View Post
As far as screening speed goes, there is no way those 8 photos were screened as fast as you claim they were unless all 6 of us were screening at the same time (which is possible I suppose). I'll admit that, having screened 462,293 images since we started recording those stats in 2005, I can knock 'em out pretty fast - but the server isn't even fast enough to maintain the pace you're claiming if only one person was screening.
Maybe something was wrong on the process or on the server this day; Possible too that the displayed counters in member section are not real time !
But I was hallucinated during these 3 seconds, I did not have the time (*) to press more than 4 times on the refresh key (F5) while the counter of queued pictures was displayed from 8 to 0 photos... so I was crazy to see that especially because I had 2 pictures in the queue which were also rejected for "to dark" reason (really?) while it's specified "night shots"

*I have chance to have a very fast Internet connection (It's my job ) and I reach from France the Dallas RP server with less as 45 ms!
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