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Originally Posted by Joey Bowman View Post
A TIFFs size depends on the size of the photo, as well as what bit it is (8, 16, 32bit), AND, how many layers are saved on it. For example, my 8mp SLR's TIFFs are around 22MB straight from the camera in 8bit mode (XT is 22, 30D is 23). If you start adding more layers it can get larger, I have a few composite images that are as big as 250mb, while the regular work I do to an image usually brings the file size up to 60-80mb. I work in 8bit mode, if I worked in 16 that would double the file size.

My GF's 50D's TIFFs are easily 150-300mb with out much effort.
Thanks. Helps out a lot.

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