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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
This is a quote from Ken Rockwell. It can be found on an enlightening piece about RAW at where he also states

And that's just in the first five paragraphs. Any thouhts?
A) Ken Rockwell is an idiot, and I don't really think he is all that great of a photographer, and B) He makes his living off of his disorganized website, so he tosses out ridiculous claims like "Droves of professional photographers are returning to film", to generate false controversy in hopes 1) creating web-traffic 2) So he won't have to get a real job. The quote above is no different.

C)It is proven time and again, shooting RAW delivers the absolute highest image quality and best dynamic range, anything else is a compromise. For convenience, if you like shooting .jpegs, then shoot them. End of story.
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