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I sometimes use active D-Lighting on my D90 during the summer months when sun angles aren't the best and I want just a bit more detail in shadowed areas. When I do use it, I use the minimal setting. The higher settings just make the image look way least in my opinion. Most of the time, I leave the feature OFF.

As for Capture NX2.... I find it annoying that Nikon does not include it with the camera. It is not particularly expensive at about $130 from B&H. They do however, allow a free 60-day trial and the download isn't too large. I did the trial and found the program to be pretty capable, but it was less straightforward to learn than the Adobe Products. I also tried Lightroom 3 and when that became available before Christmas for $150 on, I went for it. I find that Lightroom allows me to quickly review all frames from a shoot, select the ones I like best, then get those shots postprocessed as efficiently as possible.

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Link to my Flickr Albums. Lots of Steam Railroad stuff there from all over the US.
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