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Originally Posted by oltmannd View Post

Had a horrible time with this one. Had to explain about 6" superelevation on this seemingly shallow curve because of 110 mph operation. This was back when I still had an appeal.

Image © Don Oltmann
PhotoID: 212690
Photograph © Don Oltmann

Trains where the tail end is on level, tangent while the headend is into the curve give them fits.
Thats pretty shitty (excuse the language) that they took away your ability to appeal giving the amount of quality photos you submit (not the mention the rarity of alot of your vintage material), its no wonder so many people have got fed up with this site the way they treat members.

Wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's

More wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's

Video wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's
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