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I think the advice to give is straightforward. The first one especially, overexposed and bad contrast. Solution is to reduce the exposure (or reduce brightness) and increase the contrast. Don't need to go to the shadows/highlights or other stuff yet. Just start with the basics.

BTW, one thing that really took my shots from pathetic to decent was simply, for every single shot, the first thing I do is to reduce brightness and increase contrast. Usually a -5/+5 (they are in the same dropdown menu). Improves things maybe 90% of the time!

Also, Ween, I always get confused between different software. What is Gamma, and what is the equivalent in photoshop?

As for the polarizer, just remember that for an autofocus body, it must be a circular polarizer. Those are also the one's commonly available but I thought I'd mention it as there are still linear polarizers out there, which throws off the autofocus.
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