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Also, Ween, I always get confused between different software. What is Gamma, and what is the equivalent in photoshop?
Gamma is Gamma in Photoshop. Image>Adjustments>Exposure. There you can adjust the Exposure (I'll use this slider as opposed to the Brightness/Contrast sliders if a shot is underexposed or needs to be a tad brighter) and the Gamma (I'll use this slider to get rid of the 'haze' that covers a shot; it's another way to increase contrast).

Like Joe, I'd suggest shooting full manual. I'd rather blame myself for a screwed up exposure rather than the camera. Sometimes those headlights can trick the camera into thinking differently and you get a bad exposure. Same deal with shooting with snow on the ground. I find I have to manually overexpose by ~2/3s of a stop to get a correct exposure (if the camera was doing it, most snow shots would come out underexposed)...

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