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Originally Posted by Train-a-Mania View Post
Hmm...from all of the reviews I saw, this was the first to mention overexposure.

What do others think about Carl's suggestion? I'm still fond of the 1-lens-fits-most idea, but I'm curious to know what people think of the D5000 since it's been brought up.

I do appreciate everyone's help in my decision.
In general I prefer spending less on the body, putting aside more for lenses. I also prefer people starting off with a lesser camera, learn on it, learn what you want, then if you want, spend serious money on a nicer body. I haven't seen you write anything yet that suggests you will get serious value out of the better body and the higher price. I have the money to upgrade my body if I wanted to, but I keep thinking about it and can never justify it.
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