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Originally Posted by gotransitf59ph View Post
WOW omg rp what have you done!? i can only upload one photo now because i tried to upload a perfectly good one sitting there! Man I thought you wanted train enthusiasts to upload the BEST photos on there. All i was trying to do was become part of this because i have already made videos of trains on youtube.. but i cant take photos and put them on rp? I asked this Nikon D3000 for a christmas gift from my parents so i could use it to take photos and put them on rp.. but NO! i cant you know why? because you wont accept my photos that look just as good as the others on the website.

OMG rp! Im just a new photographer trying to become part of this because i love trains. YOU JUST LOVE TO CUT DOWN UPLOAD LIMITS DO YOU!?

Ya rp keep rejecting my photos.

P.S You hate newbies dont you? IM 16 years old!!!

To everyone else on this forum: I have read the guidelines and everything! Please help me get going on this! I know it takes a long time to get the hang of this!
I'm 13 and I'm down to two. Just don't flood the screeners database with stuff unless you really think it will get in! Keep asking around here too! I find it very helpful and I'm sure you will too!
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