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chase does take awesome shots, i'm 16 and i can't do that but then again i lack creativity and thats my main issue, that and clouds. As for you gotransitf59ph all i can say is dont be in a rush, i only have 4 shots in the database and thats of maybe 30-40 uploads. You can learn from the rejections, and post them on the forum i've learned alot from the forum and lot of things i thought i was doing right were wrong, so take everyones advice. That is how i have learned.

As other people have said, dont shoot on cloudy days as they're almost always rejected unless the bad weather is used creativly. Keep the sun behind you and always have lights on the train, yes there is plenty of shots with odd lighting but that takes practice. Start simple, if all you can manage is the simple wedge shot go for it. Look at what is accepted and slowly you'll learn how to become more creative.
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