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Originally Posted by Carl Becker View Post
For zoom lenses, I'm no expert, but I can say that I hear the following two are some of the better lenses for serious Canon users:
I see recommendations for the 28-135 from time to time and it always seems odd. Or at least it is odd that the recommender usually does not point out that this lens is not at all wide on a cropped sensor body like those under discussion here. I personally thing that, regardless of its optical qualities, it is a poor starter lens for a crop body, and especially for train shooters, who tend to like to shoot things that are looooong and do well with a wiiiide lens at times. Make sure you have a lens that goes down to about 17mm.

Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
I'd go for either the T2i or the 50D. Those will be decent starter cameras that will produce some good images.
Gosh, Chase, "decent" and "some good images"? Maybe I am misreading your tone but this seems like a pretty weak recommendation as well as inaccurate. I think the truth is closer to a statement that neither camera will hold you back in any way in terms of image quality in excellent to decent to pretty far below decent levels of light. Paired with good glass they will produce outstanding results in most lighting situations and (merely!) good to very good results in all. DSLRs are just plain excellent these days, and certainly so for a starter camera.

As an extension of that opinion, put me squarely in the camp that says use your money on glass instead of on, in particular, spending more to get a 7D.
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