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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post

I have no complaints, whatsoever from my Rebel or my 7D! They're both great cameras and from what I've gathered with the recently purchased 7D, it'll be just as good as the Rebel, as far as dependability and battery life.

Overall, as you said, you can't go wrong with a DSLR. Perhaps if you perhaps a Nikon one, but that'a aside from the point.

Walter, as I've said to you, while the Rebel is a good camera, but after having it over a year, I did become a bit bored with it. Besides, in this particular hobby, I think having a metal body and at least some sort of weather sealing is nice, but certainly not mandatory.

Perhaps I just take photography more serious and someone less interested as me, for a lack of better word may get better use out of a Rebel. The newest rebels have the video function as well.

I was just wondering why you said the 50D was a starter camera. I have seen many pros who make a very good living using the 50D as their main camera. It is definitely not a starter camera.
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