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Originally Posted by lost bouy View Post
Finally got around to uploading this photo of NS 63N that I caught a couple of weeks ago. I can’t understand how the photo is back lit because I was shooting into the sun. Anything I need to do or just scrap it?

Thanks for the help!
Backlit, as explained by others is when you're shooting into the sun, rather than shooting with the sun behind your back. With the exception of early morning/late evening photos, RP does not generally accept backlit photos, unless the photo is dramatic. In this case, I don't find the lighting, nor the composition dramatic, but I applaud you for trying something "different".


Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post


When we take photos, we do not shoot into the sun. We want to use the sun, and its light to our advantage, and have it light up the sides and nose of the train. In most cases, (Which means: In the case of a 3/4 wedge shot), we shoot with the sun to our back, and our shadow pointing at the train. We want the nose to be lit up, as well as the visible side of the train.

As far as the image, scrap it. No good, no way to fix it.

Edit: I don't think you understand what "backlit" is? Backlit, is when the nose of the engine is dark, but the train's side is lit up, or vice versa. Also, as demostrated here, nothing is lit up by the sun, which is also considered backlit. (This is different than an overcast shot, as on an overcast day, there is no light, period.) Just be on the side of the tracks that the sun is on, with your shadow pointing at the train, to ensure a lit nose.
Originally Posted by Soo 6060 View Post
...and why can't you apply that to your photographs?

Something tells me that is not the place for you. Just my two cents.

Talk about a good laugh.. What an ego! So your handful of wedgies you have in the DB warrant you the right to tell a beginner what to do in a pissy tone? Discouraging him from submitting to RP just because he is a little confused about lighting? When did you become a pro?

You're too stupid to contribute your opinion, so quit posting until you have the ability to post something beneficial to the forum.

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