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I don't think that YOU get it. There is more than one screener on this site. Screener # 1 found it to be too dark. you lightened it up and resubmitted it. You get another rejection because screener #2 didn't like it for a cropping issue. He saw something that he didn't like about the cropping in his/her opinion. You appealed and once again rejected.(May have gone to the same screener) I Like it. I've worked on photos 3-4 times before it got accepted, and sometimes I just sit on it for a day or two and resubmit the very first one and it gets accepted. The screeners aren't professionals and it is just an OPINION on their part. Maybe they have been staring at the computer screen for an extended period of time and their brain gets a little fuzzy. I don't know. For about every 5 I submit one gets accepted.
When that one gets accepted, I feel as if I accomplished something. When it continues to be rejected, I feel like they are a bunch of idiots that have been sniffing computer fumes too long! Boy do I get aggravated when the rejects keep coming!

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