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Originally Posted by AntD. View Post
Troy, our Aiken operation is one whole operation with a total of 18 miles of trackage, not two separate segments as you make it seem. There are 4 active customers on that line. All which use steady rail service/traffic. You have Active Minerals, and WR Grace on the AB line and you have AGY (Aiken Glass/Owens Corning) and a Feed & Seed (Can't remember the name) on the SA Line just East of the Yard. Steve has a good track record for reactivating rail service, GRLW is a prime example of that. So I am excited to see what all he has planned for AIKR.
Ok, thanks. The way you describe it, it is odd that NS would try to get rid of the line. This type of stuff CSX does all the time (or did anyway), but NS would tend to keep a line around if it's got customers. I am not that familiar with the area, but Aiken if I remember isnt too far from Augusta, I am sure they have a local out of Augusta that served it.

I guess it worked out in their favor.
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