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Originally Posted by Missabefan View Post
Maybe this is why people jump ship for Flickr and give up on RP all together.

First rejection:

(Easily fixable and worth doing)

Second rejection:

Again, fixable. Shoot the train not the scene.

And then finally the third rejection.

Which could have been the first rejection and since it wasn't was the reason I kept going. Obviously ( or hopefully) three different screeners looking at it and three different screeners opinions as to why it won't be in the database.

Now it's off to depressionville and I fear a certain rabbit will loose it's ears today at some point.
Man, that's a classic example of how this would eventually piss off the Pope! The shot is basically pretty interesting, I think, and none of the variations are "wrong"---they're just slightly different (emphasis on "slighty").

So---it's a thin line between shitty shot, and a good one we'll accept. It's a text book example of why many good contributors are pushed over the edge.

I do think the screening process is essential to weed out the clearly crappy shots (and they get me). If you saw some of the uploaded shots, it would be an unanimous "NO!" from those who frequent this forum. But, it's those shots that are on the edge that cause the greatest angst. And, when you consider those are taken by basically solid photographers who have taken the time and effort to upload a shot, write a little caption, and checked off all the required pull down options (like making sure the GE on the point is an AC4400, GEVO-DEVO-007 or JimmyCrackCornandIdon'tcare36D-Cup), it can kill off your enthusiasm for like your dog jumping into the bed with you and your wife while you're trying to have sex.

Come to think of it...Mitch: does your dog ever do that?
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