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I myself have had a Flickr account for several years and have pretty much given up on submitting here to RP. The inconsistent rejections are the biggest factor for me. While I never uploaded a ton of photos here and didn't have a whole lot of rejections I'd be pretty aggravated when I would correct a photo, resubmit and get a totally new rejection. Its just a roll of the dice as to what gets in today versus what will get in tomorrow. For me, what I post on my Flickr is MY vision (as the previous poster said of his work) of my railroad photography and ultimately that is what I want to share with others that look at my work, my personal take on the railroad. I don't take photos for fame or fortune, to get SC or PC, I do it because I enjoy it. I still visit RP on a daily basis and enjoy the photos, I just choose not to deal with the inconsistency of uploading anything.

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