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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Jim, the local group I do most of my sharing in went closed instead of open, so you don't see those shots. I didn't mind as I have felt that non-railfans were no longer following me, or whatever is the term for having my posts appear on their home page, due to my high volume of run of the mill or worse shots, that I share because part of being a railfan is just sharing a shot of today's train, regardless of quality.

If you join CSX Cap Met and OML you will see more of my stuff, at the cost of seeing a bunch more from everone else in that group. Although, if I understand FB correctlty, you will only have shots from me and any other FB friend in that group appear on your home page.
Ah, ok. I thought you were placing them in your status updates like a lot of other folks do, thus having them appear in my news feed. But then again, FB is very faulty for whose status updates show up in your news feed. That's why I thought I was missing yours.

But then again, when you post them to groups, they should still show up in my news feed. I think the solution to FB sucking is that you have to manually "follow" (or whatever they are calling it now) friends now to insure their posts show up in your news feed.
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