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Originally Posted by MagnumForce View Post
I had the ENGINEER of a train coming off the lower bridge on the Toledo Terminal run down and open up the door while moving in an attempt to mess up my shots. I really don't give a crap so I was sure to go shoot that train 5 other times as it traversed the Terminal to Walbridge just to make sure he was good and pissed off. Crews have been doing this for a long time now.
It's been done to me many times, and I frankly don't railfan the same line ever enough to have anyone who has a personal dislike for me. First time I saw the MoPac unit it was moving very slowing toward me. I had a great shot lined up. Saw the engineer and conductor both point at me, then the conductor ran down and opened the front door.

I've also had lights turned on high beam (on the Long Island Railroad) and light turned off (to make it appear it's static train). All of these are common.
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