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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
I'm sure the guys in my age bracket (60 and older) would agree: that rarely, if ever, happened back in the "old" days. But, it's just one more aspect of the loss of civility and respect, and the deterioration of society. Politicians don't make public policy now---they scream at each other as if it's a blood sport. The whole nation is rude and polarized, so it's not a good place to be now.

Sure, I miss the old days when a member of the crew would lean out and wave--with all five fingers extended, rather than one.
I'm about ten years younger than you, and while I agree it was rare - it did happen. I got the finger. I get yelled at. And this dates back to the 1970s.

I well remember a day in 1976 when I was threatened by a crew member in Hoboken NJ that I had broken the law taking pictures of trains and he was going to have me thrown out of the station (being a kid whose only way home was through that station, I was pretty traumatized).

A-holes are a-holes and they have existed for a long time. While we no longer have the polite society we did in the 50s, I think in some ways we are more polite today than we were in the 70s (obviously politics not included).
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