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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
I just didn't like the "choice" of not so long ago:
Get it on here for 1000-2000 views.
OR post it on Flickr for less than 100.

That seems to have changed really quickly!
Really not a great comparison since is strictly railroad related photos it is focused on a very small niche hobby. People come to for one thing.

When you upload to FLICKR, you're putting your stuff in a much bigger bucket of photography, so naturally the viewcounts are going to be considerably more diluted because very few people are on that site looking specifically for train pictures.

You're far more likely to be "discovered" by someone on FLICKR than you are on Because it is more likely that they may stumble across your photo by accident. I find that judicious use of tags and albums helps greatly to bring up the viewcounts, although more time is needed for me to confirm that supiscion as I only recently started tagging photos with keywords, but I have noticed the ones with tags tend to get higher numbers of views than those without.
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