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Originally Posted by WMHeilman View Post
I had an engineer get off his train, approach my car and tell me: "Stop taking pictures of MY fucking train or you'll regret it." I had shot the train once about a half hour earlier and was waiting for them to meet another train while I was on public property and paying absolutely no attention to the train. Then as he started to back away, I picked up my camera to snap a picture to send the railroad. He stopped, put both middle fingers up, and said something I couldn't understand. I contacted the railroad, sent them the picture of him flipping me off, and received the standard "thanks for your concern but whatever this is a robot" email.

Thanks to a contact inside the railroad, I found out he was indeed fired for "a number of things over time."
Some railroaders seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are the equivalent of very, very highly paid truck drivers. At least on Class 1 RR's. Shortline employees probably make about what truck drivers do, maybe less. These same people dont realize or dont care that they are the "face" of the railroad.

Because of all the silly rules and safety precautions, the industry is no more dangerous than most these days. Work schedule, while bad for family life, is not nearly as bad as some professions which get paid a whole lot less.

Most encounters are fine, but Charles is right, you certainly remember the bad ones...

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