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Originally Posted by StL-rail View Post
I'm not really sure what they're seeing...

I don't use any compression when saving my photos, maybe they were thrown off by the smoke?

I don't see the problem in the sky but for reference whenever your save as a JPG you compress, that is the definition. Any digital camera the original is well in the multiple Mb range. If images are coming out of the camera at around 1 meg then your camera is set at low qualtiy and size, you should be shooting at highest quality or RAW.

Unless you are using some automated method, you get to choose the quality(size) when ou save. The easy way is to go back and save at a higher quality in PS. If you are using some other software that does not give you a choice then that is a problem. You don't want to use something like "Save for the WEB"

I see the image is 1024 while you can now post at 1200 across.
When I save your file , it comes out at 524KB which is a little on the small side. Just a guess also, it may be a crop. where I made a mistake was to save as a smaller jpg and then crop. I think you want to crop the full size image, resize to 1200. You don't want to be saving and reediting a JPG multiple times.

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