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Yes. You are right. This image is a series of stitched verticals where it appears two of the frames did not overlap properly. Even though this photo has been floating around for a couple of months, you're the first to notice (even including myself). I have often used this technique when I feel a wide angle will unsatisfactorily diminish the background, or in other cases where I would like to obtain a medium format-ish feel to a photo. Of course a moving object is a bit of a hazard with this technique which is why I usually try to use a focal length that enables the full capture of the object in one vertical frame. Here, the train is too perpendicular for the focal length used so the full length of the train is captured across multiple frames. The software is occasionally very good at sorting this out, but in this case I didn't noticed that this was not (completely) one of those times.

Anyway, this photo is also a couple of stitched verticals:
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