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[quote=Decapod401;191522]With all of the dead space, I'm not sure why you are using a wide aspect ratio - that just exaggerates the compositional issue of dead space on the side. I also don't know why in the second attachment, you put the subject so close to the edge, since that also exaggerates the dead space on the left. Given the original image, Here is my take on a composition that works somewhat better.

Attachment 9451

Thanks for your attempt/try but to me, I'd never try this type crop for fear of the "Centered" rejection.

My original goal in first submission was to keep the bridge in the pic but the engine is simply to far back for that to work. Had I caught the train on the main coming towards me in the pic then I could have pulled that off (or so I hope) by letting that loco be as close to the left side of the frame as possible while keeping the bridge in the foreground.
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