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Alan's suggested book looks interesting. What I dislike about most CS2 books is they focus on the program itself and all its whizbang "tools", and not the typical photog's work flow (what tools step by step, etc.). Most of what you typically need is a small fraction of the program's capability, and is usually pretty simple. Alan's suggested book looks like an exception, and I'll be looking for it myself....and hopefully it will not be as useless as all the other books I've invested in.

Photoshop is an incredible program, the only real disadvantage is it is not particularly untuitive.....learning how to use it can be slow and frustrating. Even after four years I'm amazed at what I discover (and others teach me). But then....I'm an old dog trying to learn new tricks.

You might also check out

for some free help.

Finally, I would strongly agree with the suggestion that files be converted to TIFF when working on them in Photoshop. While saving your RAW files as the ultimate backup is probably a good idea (if you have the space), for working purposes I save a 8x10 (or some such) 300 dpi TIFF "print" file from which I can make prints or convert to jpeg files for posting, etc.

I find the "auto" tools very helpful as a starting point. But only as a starting point for further tinkering.

Good luck.

John West
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