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My favorite diesel locomotives are the B and A class bulldogs introduced to service in Victoria, Australia in the 1950s (as well as the S class).

Image © Somebody in the WWW
PhotoID: 225012
Photograph © Somebody in the WWW

Image © Somebody in the WWW
PhotoID: 239735
Photograph © Somebody in the WWW

If I can include a railcar into this, the unique 2000 class railcars in South Australia are a favorite too. Although I am cheating as these are not locomotives, they have around 1000hp per power car, which is more than most branchline locos would have.

Image © Somebody in the WWW
PhotoID: 236305
Photograph © Somebody in the WWW

Originally Posted by mark woody
This is a great shot of an old N.S.W. Alco that has been restored to original as delivered condition.I like the old paint scheme as well.
Use the photoid tags and you will get a thumbnail like this for that shot.
Image © Michael James
PhotoID: 120774
Photograph © Michael James

As for my personal opinion on the 44 class, as grungy as they may seem, I like the look of the units used by Independant Rail for the Minto to Port Botany container shuttle trains. The 'Semi Retired Foamer' blog has some shots of them at this link:

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