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That would be an interesting lashup to see them come out of the shop and onto a train in that order.

The 943 lost a prime mover several years ago; and as evidenced, never was replaced. I'll waiger a large sum of money to the fact that we'll never see that unit run again on this railroad. The 6622 (cabless F unit) was having problems before their business dropped off. They believed the fuel was mixing with the lube oil, causing the unit to shut down numorous times which made it dead weight. The 9163 is, quite frankly, very cumbersome to run in the lead as this is a prodominantly "switching" type railroad. And with the downturn in business, they're running either 1 or 2 units on their trains. Plenty of Geeps to do the work now. As far as the 2613 is concerned, I couldn't tell you why they have that unit stashed back like that. I'm not aware of any problems that this unit was or is having. Nonetheless, it is still sad to see these units in this doomed disposition.
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