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Originally Posted by khalucha View Post
I went from the original rebel to a 40D and glad a made the change. After you get used to the controls you will see how much you were missing out on. A lot easier to use.
I went from a Rebel XTi to the 40d, and I kept the XTi for a while as a backup, after about a month I used the XTi for the first time in a while and was kind of put off by how ghetto the interface was, I sold it when I got back from that trip. Just the wheel, joystick and LCD on top make it so much better/easier than that terrible menu system on the Rebels. I also have a 5d and it has a slightly older menu system, but still similar and no joystick and I find myself wishing it had the same menu system as the 40d sometimes, and the oddest feature ever, you have a separate knob setting for bulb. First time I used it in the dark that was fun to figure out...
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