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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Jon, you are missing out on a great camera!
If you mean I'm missing out on the 50D, perhaps. But I haven't seen one available for $350. Mind you, the 40D isn't officially available to me yet because the owner of the camera shop is waiting for the guy with the 40D to officially trade it in on his new camera. I'm waiting on a phone call to hear that the deal is done. I'm not saying the 50D isn't great, just that in my circumstances, it doesn't seem worth the extra couple hundred bucks.

Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
PS2: It has been my impression that every canon ever made is lousy at AWB under artificial light. I was not aware that the 40D was in any way better, could be wrong.
As far as AWB, you're absolutely right that Canons suck in artificial light. Isn't that why we all shoot RAW?

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