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Used Canon D60 or D30 (same camera essentaly, just D60 is 6mp vs the D30's 3mp, but that wont have a huge effect on quality on uploads since the size here is about 1mp in size). You can find a D30 on ebay with 2 okish lenses and a 256mb CF card for $350-500 and a D60 with the same for $500+ (on ebay).

However, are you sure you really want a D-SLR? They are alot heavier and larger to carry around, not to mention having to change lenses when you want a telephoto shot or a wide angle shot. Also, you have to be more careful to aviod getting dust on your sensor's low-pass filter, which can require alot of hard work and/or professional cleaning (my friend used up 4 cans of canned air just to get one speck of dust off of his ). A good camera that I've tried and used is the Panasonic Lumix FZ-30. It is 8mp and comes with a great lens (My FZ-15's is better though... ha) with a range of 35mm F2.8 to 420mm F3.7. You cannot change lenses, however you can add lenses to the front. It goes for about $575-800. Do a google, something will come up

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