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Fuji Frontiers are AWESOME, especially if you have a Fuji camera. Some answers to questions/comments below:

Roadrat: getting the picture printed DOES NOT erase the picture from the card. Save the files to your computer first and you will have less to sweat about though, as there's always the chance of erasing, losing or damaging the card...

Chris: You can actually do quite a bit of image editing on the Fuji Frontier machines (which is the machine Walgreens, Wal Mart and Sams all use). Obviously, you're going to get better results from editing done in PS than on this machine, but it CAN do quite a bit. As for prices, Sams club do me 4x6 prints for 20 cents each, and 8x10 or 8x12 prints for $1.90, in one hour

kd4jsl: You're obviously not in the digital age! Prints from your home printer don't compare with Fuji Frontier prints. The home made prints are softer, often have "lines" from the inkjet passes and are usually only gloss finish. Frontier pictures are head and shoulders above the home inkjets. Of course, the other big thing is cost. How much does a GOOD home printer cost? And ink (don't forget the high quality setting on your home printer will suck your cartridge dry very quickly!!!)? And photo paper? It ends up cheaper to use Sams!

rsd-17: Yes, you can save your pictures back to your CF card after editing them on your PC and take them to the Fuji machine. It is best to save the files to the root directory of the card. Also, if you are using large JPEG files, the Fuji has problems reading JPEG's larger than around 2Mb (speaking from experience here), so if the file as a JPEG is over 2Mb, save as a TIFF file instead. Even though the TIFF may end up as 20 or 30 Mb, the Fuji printer will read a large TIFF while not reading larger JPEG files - I have no idea why this is, but I saved the same picture as a 3Mb JPEG and a 30Mb TIFF, and when I put the card in the machine, it would only show the TIFF file (I called one file 1jpeg.jpg and the other 1tiff.tif before anyone says that the machine might not have seen both because of file name duplication, and that is how I know which file showed up on the machine).

Hope this helps!

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