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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Image © Elijah Cross
PhotoID: 645296
Photograph © Elijah Cross

Image © Nathaniel Holguin
PhotoID: 646884
Photograph © Nathaniel Holguin

Maybe too judgemental and hope he is not on this forum but I would consider the SC(#2) a fail? at least in comparison. Besides some other things the signals and sky cry out for a vertical.

I was really happy to see the Austrian photo make the SC, this not so much.

#2 is a fail? Is that a joke? Jesus people.
I personally have had a problem with those trying to tell us to turn railroad photography into an "art form." It's fine for them to do so, I welcome it in fact, but what I do have a problem with is that the practitioners of the more "arty" shots, I have found, tend to look down their nose's at others who are shooting more "mundane" shots.
Railroad photography is what you make of it, but one way is not "better" than another, IMHO. Unless you have a pole right thought the nose of the engine! -SG
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