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Originally Posted by NathBDP View Post
Well, I am pro RP. I see their standards and realize what will most likely be accepted into the database so I don't bother trying to upload something too different. But then again RP can be a backwater in the sense that they will accept the same old backlit steam sunset photo, or a 3/4 wedge shot, no matter how tiresome that type of composition has become. It's like everyone trying to emulate Steinheimer or Benson, and now O W Link. They should qualify images on the basis of originality too.
Show us some of the "different" shots! Or better yet, give them an upload, see what happens. Seriously. (Unless they are the sort of thing that RP just does not go for, like selective coloring, intentionally non-level, etc.)

I don't think that RP should stop accepting certain types of "advanced" shots like the backlit steam sunsets. Yes, they should even keep accepting the yellow-sky backlit western shots. Maybe not give those such an automatic SC But I want my shot to try to do those advanced shots my self and show them here. And each one is a bit different.

As for the tiresome 3/4 wedgies, see my "wade" post above.
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