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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
They learned how to do slides well, they accepted what someone here in their signature calls something like "25% focus accuray and we learned to like it", that sort of thing, and they see the new digitally-related focus on high standards for rather narrow or less-artistic technical characteristics of images, and they say too much! Irrelevant!
My current sig came from a comment about my equipment... something along the lines of how its amazing I can focus my lenses manually and I must be really talented. Got me thinking about how much shooters rely on AF... to the point where manual focus is viewed as some sort of alchemy. Manual is easy... putting my shots fate in an AF lens is scary to me! Anyways, anyone that shot slides know that 1 out of 25 bad shots was due to poor focus, the rest were due to using the wrong exposure.

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I think that the olny true anti-RP people are those that get frustrated quickly by rejects and lashout as a way to make up for their inability to take good photographs or their total refusal to learn from others. You know, children, regardless of age.
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