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Originally Posted by Christopher Muller View Post
I don't think you guys are giving yourselve's enough credit. Wouldn't you improve on your quality on your own, aside from RP? I know that I still have the drive for improvement, even when not uploading to RP (or when I took my hiatus from uploading). To say you've improved solely on rejections from RP is really cutting from your accomplishments.
I've similar sentiments to Ottergoose.

Improvement prior to the Internet and sites like RP was slow. Access to high quality pics was limited to books and the monthly magazines. Use of film meant that there could be considerable delay to seeing the results of an expedition unless you had your own darkroom or access to one. Submitting shots to magazines was much more difficult and the chances of having one accepted, low.

Some groups of photographers in the UK formed societies that exchanged shots such as The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle - which includes some of the best known British cameramen (you may recognise some of the names from RP). Before the Internet, this was mainly by post, so feedback was slow.

Now, we have digital, so experimenting with composition and lighting is much easier, cheaper and quicker. Feedback is almost instantaneous, so improvement is quicker as well. Without the Internet and sites such as RP for comment and inspiration what now can take you a few days could take weeks, months, or years

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