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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I'm not a huge fan of common power roster shots or 3/4 wedgies either, but guess what? There apparently are legions of people who are. I can't count the number of times I've looked at the "Most Popular" list for a given day and seen a standard wedge or a roster of some non-descript diesel sitting at the top of the heap. In many cases, these shots have topped some really artistic stuff. Based on this, I think wading is going to continue to be a fact of life for most of us. RP is so successful because it presents a wide variety of railroad imagery. If a given individual's tastes are more limited, one has to wade a bit. The shot categories (night, snow, steam, wreck, yard etc. etc) do help some with wading. Perhaps some additional categories are in order to make the pools more shallow.
Yes, I don't want to play that down either, I shouldn't explicitly or implicitly denigrate wedgies. I characterized it as "minor leagues" in order to get to the better stuff, showing my own preferences, but there is also a different audience for whom it is major league.

I do think part of the issue for certain parts of the anti-RP crowd, those who look for what they call art and don't see it, is that those shots make the artsy stuff disappear or very hard to find. Because of that they put down RP as not being "best" when in fact RP does try to be "best" both in semi-artsy and in wedgie, and then presents them in one forum so the former in particular get downed. So that is an access issue and a perception issue; if you can't find it easily, one can easily reach the false conclusion that it is not present.

I say "semi-artsy" because RP's artsy focus is on the representational and there are lots of other dimensions to "art".
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