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Default NS Heritage Units--Where will they go?

I have a question about the Norfolk Southern Heritage locomotives which are now starting to go into service. Can anyone tell me if their assignments on the NS system either be (1) determined by “luck of the draw” or whatever method that normally controls where new locomotives go or (2) monitored by corporate to make sure they are exposed across the system?

Of course, the third option could be a combination of the two where in they will randomly roam unless one or more gets stuck in back and forth assignment in one district or on one route in which case corporate might step in and direct that the unit be moved. Anyone know how this will work?

Finally, is anyone or group planning to “track’ their location via a public web bulletin board or forum?

I live within 3 miles of NS here in Louisville and cross the tracks usually multiple times per day. I see upwards of 20 trains each week; I certainly hope to see most if not all the Heritage units in person.
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