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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
I guess buses aren't required to stop at RR crossings in Canada.
This particular crossing has "EXEMPT" signs that tell truck and bus drivers that they don't need to do their mandatory stop at the crossing.

You can see it in this shot (white sign with crossing on it):

CN 519 @ Saint-Hyacinthe by Mathieu Tremblay, on Flickr

The line extends about one mile north (photo left) of the crossing, and there are many clients to serve. There have been numerous accidents at this crossing over the years. I've heard a few stories from local railroaders of truck drivers intentionally ditching their rigs during the winter to avoid a collision with the train.

About 1/4 mile south of the TransCan crossing is the Laframboise blvd. crossing, where the track slices right through a major intersection. Here, there are no flashers, and the traffic lights protect train movements.

CN 519 @ Saint-Hyacinthe by Mathieu Tremblay, on Flickr
Mathieu Tremblay
Choo photos

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