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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
My current picks:

Image © David Gubler
PhotoID: 416977
Photograph © David Gubler

A beautiful scene! Hoar frost, red train on white snow, some mountain, some water, a great capture.

Image © Marek G. [dj_drezyna]
PhotoID: 417182
Photograph © Marek G. [dj_drezyna]

Just ran across this one, I may have been more likely to click on it because of my Polish heritage, but what a beauty in composition and in subtle hues!

Image © Jim Johnston
PhotoID: 416923
Photograph © Jim Johnston

OK, maybe I'm biased, this is a view from a location not too far from me, but I like the rail glint and the fog.
I'm don't have a Polish heritage, and I'm nowhere near the location of the third photo, but I voted for all three of those....I think they're just great pictures that stand on their own...

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