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I'll play - since Janusz missed a couple (like the screeners):

Image © Michael Sharps
PhotoID: 416916
Photograph © Michael Sharps

Wow! How this didn't register as an SC is beyond me.
Maybe next week's POTW.

Image © Chris Eads
PhotoID: 416669
Photograph © Chris Eads

Nice - just real nice!

Image © Marshall W. Beecher
PhotoID: 416832
Photograph © Marshall W. Beecher

Can't beat luck and skill....

Image © Mike Danneman
PhotoID: 417166
Photograph © Mike Danneman

Nice to see a new angle at a tired location.

I like Jim's shot - Wonder if he held out for a train that never showed?

And of course, there's always a Chase in the mix:

Image © Chase Gunnoe
PhotoID: 417081
Photograph © Chase Gunnoe

Chase.. not sure how you made it past the crop monster. Crop the "extra" foreground and you got my vote. Technical perfection - how often do we see night flash shots with no hot spots? If for that reason alone....

Image © Chase Gunnoe
PhotoID: 417143
Photograph © Chase Gunnoe

Ditto - technically perfect lighting and a great moody, could've been decades ago kind of shot. Extra foreground works fine here.

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