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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
RP is, generally speaking, not about information content or news.
Part of me agrees with you, J, I've been on this site a while now, it's about quality rr photography, I have done that marginally well in the past according to their rules.

But a part of me disagrees with you slightly. When NS released the heritage units back in whatever year, Casey made sure he got the photos on here ASAP, and a few of them were rainy day roster shots, one I remember seeing the umbrella. Am I saying these are on the same tier as NS heritage units? No, but the same ideals apply with regards to their informational content in my opinion.

Another part of me is one who likes to push the envelope with this site and see what can be accepted, I've always been that way.

Yeah, I couldn't control the weather that day, I accept that, I also accept their decision to not accept it. I just wonder if say in 10 years if this site is still around, would they accept this shot? Since by then, these units will be razor blades and aluminum foil.

*Side note: I also see the green a little, my 6 year old laptop needs to be upgraded...*
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